Doctor : The Second Face of God

1st July ,2018.

Doctor’s have come a long way from the ancient healer’s they used to be thousands of years ago. The profession has survived way transformations with the unfailing commitment to serve the humankind and maintaining & improving human health. 1st July is celebrated as National Doctor’s day to show our gratitude to all the doctors and to acknowledge their effort to bring back a big smile on the face of every individual of who is suffering from one disease or other.

                                                            In modern days, so many changes have occurred in life style. The modernization has brought so many new deadly diseases, but it never means the medical Science is sitting idle. In last 50 years, 100 of new milestones has been established by medical science and doctors have been working day & night to prevent or to eliminate serious daises along with serving the patients & the society as well.

At   Ford Hospital, Patna, we just not do understand our role & responsibilities, but through our doctors very dedicately serving the people of Bihar, Jharkhand & Nepal.

In this context our achievements has been acknowledged at National Level as we have won the most prestigious award as“ Most Promising Hospital of Eastern Zone”  yesterday 30/06/2018  during  “ 3rd International  Health Care Award”  in New Delhi.

                                    Finally we extend our thanks  & gratitude to our all the doctors who have been taking care of our patients  on  24*7 basis and serving the mankind whole heatedly from almost one decade.