24×7 Emergency Services

Emergency department on first aid basis and transfer to another organization from emergency room shall provide emergency care.
The emergency service covers evaluation, resuscitation and treatment of all the emergency conditions; it involves both internal as well as external emergency services of the following areas:


  1. Cardio-pulmonary emergencies.
  2. Surgical Emergencies
  3. Trauma Related Emergencies
  4. Medico Legal Emergencies
  5. Obstetrics & Gynaecological Emergencies
  6. Infectious Emergencies
  7. Poisoning Cases
  8. Animal, Insect or Snake Bite


The Emergency Department of Hospital offers comprehensive emergency care 24 hrs a day.
• One Emergency Medical Officer is available in the Emergency Department round the clock (24 X 7). • During peak hours, the consultants of all medical services are available in the hospital and can reach to the casualty Department immediately in case of any need.
• During non-peak hours, the consultants from each clinical department are available on call basis. However, an intensivist (MD Anaesthesia) is available round the clock (24X7).
• In case of Accidents involving numerous individuals at a time, all consultants and staff members responsible to provide critical care can be called as per the requirement.