Resident Medical Officer

Job Description:

• The candidate should be well versed with all aspects of RMO functions.
• Tracking and Evaluating Clinical Data.
• Analyze records, reports and exam data to help them diagnose patients’ conditions. If further information is needed, they will order additional tests, consult with other physicians in the field or the patient’s previous healthcare professionals.
• Planning, Implementing and Directing Clinical Services.
• Participate directly in care when services are being initially implemented.
• Also help assess and diagnose needs and plans of action for individual and families.
• Maintaining Accurate Documentation.
• Take an active role in overseeing the medical care of patients and the functions performed by medical staff.

Qualification           : MBBS
Employment Type : Full Time
Experience              : Minimum 2 years
Location                   : Patna
No. of Post               : 1


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Medical Transcriptionist

Job Description:

• Candidate Listen to the recorded dictation of a doctor or other healthcare professional.
• Transcribe and interpret the dictation into diagnostic test results, operative reports, referral letters, and other documents.
• Review and edit drafts prepared by speech recognition software, making sure that the transcription is correct, complete, and has a consistent style.
• Translate medical abbreviations and jargon into the appropriate long form.
• Identify inconsistencies, errors, and missing information within a report that could compromise patient care.
• Follow up with the healthcare provider to ensure the accuracy of the reports.
• Submit health records for physicians to approve.
• Follow patient confidentiality guidelines and legal documentation requirements.
• Enter medical reports into electronic health records systems.
• Perform quality improvement audits.

Qualification           : Graduate
Employment Type : Full Time
Experience              : 2 years
Location                   : Patna
No. of Post               : 2

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