Health Insurance


Health Insurance & third-party assurance for health is one of the vital components of modern healthcare architecture. At The Ford Hospital we understand certain procedures can be expensive and without the cover of a health insurance it would be difficult to be met out of personal incomes. To ensure that each of our patients have a seamless and efficient approval mechanism, we work with a wide range of health insurance partners. This partnership allows patients to have a clear understanding of the coverage, the criteria to be eligible for the cover and the quantum of coverage allowed.

For the insurers, they can trust us to provide accurate information, documentation and assistance in evaluating the patient’s needs and offering a transparent mechanism to approve and disburse claims. This creates an ecosystem for accurate and prompt settlement of claims resulting in overall improvement in patient experience.


The Ford Hospital has longstanding agreements and partnerships with some of the leading Health Insurance providers in India, helping patients secure quick approval for their healthcare needs. We have listed our Insurance Partners below.


At The Ford Hospital we have tie-ups with numerous public and private sector companies across all industry segments. Listed below are some public sector corporates who have tied up with us. This allows the employees from these corporates who undergo medical treatment at The Ford Hospital to have an easy and hassle-free settlement process with the respective insurance service provider with whom we have a tie-up.


The third party administrators process claims and settlements on behalf of the insurance agencies. The Ford Hospital maintains a close working partnership with some of the leading TPA providers worldwide to make claims and settlements easier for the patients. We have listed our TPA Partners below.