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20 Aug

World Blood Donor Day

Blood donation is one of the noblest and greatest donations a man can make. Blood is very precious and has no substitute.Several lives are lost for want of blood Every year. Doctors need blood for transfusion after operation or in a situation when a lot of blood flows out the human body.
People having age less than 18 yrs and more than 60 yrs can not donate blood,and donor must hv weight at least 47.5 Kg.
People should understand that their little contribution can prove to be if great help to others.He is personally benefitted as well since by donating blood will be entitled to receive a bottle of blood free of cost within a year.
So we should come forward and donot blood since this simple action would speak for itself about out love,kindness and fellow- feeling for our society and humanity.
Ford hospital knows the significance of this and if 14th June organized with the help of its associate Jeevan Rekha and organized two blood donation camps at the sites of Medanta Hospital & ISBT,Patna in which approx 60 units blood received as donation for the Blood Bank.