Facts About High Risk Pregnancy

  • Pregnancy is a feeling of complete womanhood. As soon as you miss your period, a consultation should be made to a gynaecologist.
  • Normally pregnancy and delivery go uneventful. But there are high risk pregnancies for which women should be alert.
  • Pre – eclampsia & eclampsia are related to high Blood Pressure. It is a condition in which one or more seizures occur in a pregnant women. It is often followed by unconsciousness, posing a threat to the health of mother & baby. It may result in premature/preterm deliveries. . Pregnancy after recurrent abortions.
  • Pregnancies with diabetes, heart diseases, severe anaemia,epilepsy, thyroid disease, HIV, hepatic disorder,placental abnormalities,fibroid, previous ectopic pregnancy etc. are considered high risk pregnancies. Patients with these complications should visit their gynaecologists more frequently & should choose a well equipped hospital for deliveries.
  • Women should have at least one USG at 18-20 wks of pregnancy to rule out congenital anomalies in baby.Preferably there should be 3 USG,one in each trimester.
  • Postpartum haemorrhage is a condition in which more than 500 ml after normal delivery or 1000 ml after Caesarean delivery, blood loss occurs within the first 24 hours following childbirth. To avoid this condition both patient & doctor should be ready for it beforehand.