Internal Medicine

Internal Medicine


Ford Hospital’s Internal Medicine centre of excellence is a one-stop for all your medical issues. Diagnosis, Adult Immunizations/Vaccination, Laboratory Services and Diagnostic Imaging Services. Post diagnosis our doctors will refer you to our specialist services for further treatment. Once treatment is complete our institute will follow up with you to check if you doing fine or need additional assistance.

The Department of Internal Medicine deals with the prevention, diagnosis and non-surgical treatment of various acute and chronic diseases. Besides, it also emphasizes on the disease prevention and health promotion. The department provides efficient support services to other specialties by attending to cross-referrals.

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Our Expertise

The Department of Internal Medicine is a full-fledged facility offering comprehensive care for general and preventive medicine for all ages. The Department has the support and back-up of all super-specialities in the hospital providing end to end services varying from diagnosis, prevention, treatment, wellness, preventive health checks, rehabilitation services and management of various medical conditions.


Department of Internal Medicine is backed by high-end technology and diagnostics that is truly world-class:

  • 24x7 Emergency

    Emergency services to deal with trauma and urgent care

  • 24x7 Laboratory

    Fully automated & NABL Accredited Laboratory (Haematology, Biochemistry - Modular integrated instrument (VERSA CELL) with robotic sample, moving device for biochemistry, immunology and serology investigations, Microbiology - State-of-Art BacT/ Alert 3D Microbial Detection System from BioMerieux, Serology, Immunology, Histopathology, Cytopathology, Immunohistochemistry

  • 24 x 7 Blood Bank 

    Drug Controller General of India (DCGL) licensed Blood Bank authorised for blood and component (Packed red blood cells, Fresh frozen plasma, Random donor platelet concentrate, Single Donor Platelet Concentrate, Therapeutic Phlebotomy) and Apheresis (Single Donor Platelet Concentrate, Single Donor Plasma Concentrate)   

  • 24 x 7 Radiology 

    1.5 Tesla MRI scan machine, State-of-the-art spiral CT scan (520 slices) from GE dealing with whole body C T Scan, Coronary angiography, pulmonary, renal, peripheral angiographies, 4 D Ultrasound and colour Doppler (Carotid; Extremities; Renal; Obstetrics & Others), Dexa scan for bone density check, Digital X-ray’s (500 MA), Portable Digital X Rays, CT Guided Procedures: FNAC, Biopsy, Drainage of Collection, Ultrasound Guided Procedures: FNAC, Biopsy, drainage of Collection, PCN, Special X-Ray Procedures and all types of barium studies: MCU, RGU, IVP, HSG, T-Tube Cholangiogram Fistulogram, Sinogram

Why Ford

The Ford Hospital Internal Medicine department provides excellent primary care services for a wide range of health problems. Our doctors in the Internal Medicine department are trained in many disciplines and have clinical expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of complex illness.

The Internal Medicine team plays a very important role in coordinating with the larger team from other specialities during hospitalization, thereby making the process holistic. Our centre also offers primary and secondary care consultation for a full range of issues related to heart disease, gastrointestinal problems, kidney problems, and bone or joint-related issues including arthritis.


Dr. Parmar Shiv Krishan
DNB (Internal Medicine)

Internal Medicine


Patient testimonials

This hospital is affordable, Well maintained,Neat and clean ICU is up to date with regard to its standard of equiments.

Raju Singh

Visiting the hospital almost after 5 years. The hospital has grown to a state of the art, well advanced, modern hospital in terms of the quality of doctors, staffs and the administration personnel.

Pankaj Mehta

My father underwent a major Gastro-Intestinal surgery here recently. The treatment was excellent and they charged a reasonable price too. The staff especially nurses were caring and kind.

Najeeb Bahadur

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