Facts about Menstruatio

Facts about Menstruation | International Women’s Health Day

Females menstruate from age 13 to 47 years in Indian context. Once menarche (first menstruation) establishes, one should always keep a record of her menses with regard to time, duration and amount of bleeding. Over and above, menstrual hygiene is very important.
Due to better nutrition, girls now attain menarche at the age of 11 years. Therefore, mothers should disseminate some basic knowledge to their girl child around this age.

  1. First few cycles are heavy & irregular. So consultation must be made to a gynaecologist regarding the queries.
  2. Always use sanitary pads, instead of clothes.
  3. Be very cautious for hygiene during menses.
  4. Adolescent girls should use Iron Tablets for 1 to 2 years. At this point of time, proper diet is mandatary.
  5. Consult gynaecologist in connection with any irregularities. Thyroid abnormalities, pregnancy test & USG should be done.
  6. Menstruation is not a taboo, it is a sign of your puberty and assurance of your normal reproductive life.
  7. Once family is completed ligation should be opted.
  8. There are irregularities again around menopause. Consult your doctor to remove fear.