Take care of your heart this winter

Take care of your heart this winter

Take care of your heart this winter

There have been studies that suggest that long-term air pollution is linked to a higher risk of cardiovascular/heart disease.


– Because of cold weather smog & pollutants settle on ground leading to chest infections & breathing problems.

– In winters the BP rises and coronary arteries shrinks leading to lack of blood supply.

– As sweating doesn’t occur, the extra water gets accumulated in lungs leading to failure symptoms.

– Due to weather change various respiratory infections are more common.


– People with weak heart should be particularly careful during winter season. Though they should continue to exercise regularly, they should modify their

timings, so as to avoid extreme weather.

– Salt & water intake should be reduced as there is no loss to sweating.

– Regularly monitor BP and if detected high, should be properly treated.

– Avoiding infections is another important aspect and before the onset of the season, influenza & pneumonia vaccines should be taken so as to prevent chest infections.

– If symptoms of infections are seen they should be promptly treated with proper use of antibiotics.

– Don’t skip your prescribed medication.

– Don’t skip medicine when you are feeling better

– Any side effects should be reported immediately to your treating doctor