Comprehensive Consultation & Advanced Care

The Ford Hospital offers comprehensive consultation and care at its Outpatient Department by expert doctors. Excellent diagnostic facilities, state-of-the-art consultation infrastructure and dedicated staff provide patients with a sensitive, understanding and advanced OPD clinic. Patients can book themselves appointments via the online booking engine on the website or contact us via our helpline numbers. Unless it is an emergency situation, we encourage patients to seek an appointment and arrive at the appointed hour. This allows us to serve you in a hassle-free manner – providing you the best value for the time you spend with us.

For your first visit, please do bring along with yourself

  • Any previous medical records, diagnostic reports and any other relevant material.
  • A caregiver, preferably a close family member or relative.
  • An open mind & willingness to pursue treatment to regain your health.

At The Ford Hospital, we believe that you as the patient and your caregivers must be at the heart of all your health-related decisions. We are facilitators and advisors and will work with you tirelessly to restore your health. It is our endeavor to see you in the pink of your health, at the earliest with the least possible inconvenience caused to your daily routine.


Planning in advance and being well-prepared for admission can be a crucial differentiator in the outcome of your hospital stay. Emergencies, cannot be planned but for elective surgeries and procedures, we encourage each of our patients to,

  • Plan the required stay in consultation with the doctors.
  • Understand the procedures they ought to undergo while at the hospital.
  • Be informed about the expected outcomes of the hospitalization
  • Plan for the investigations, expenses & contingencies.
  • Arrange for an emergency contact & caregiver

Planning also involves, taking care of the insurance formalities, if any. And making provisions of leave/absence from work. We encourage our patients to ask enough questions of their doctors & other staff to fully understand every small detail & requirement of their hospitalization.


No hospital stay, however comfortable, can match the comfort of your own home and we at The Ford Hospital perfectly well understand your desire to head home at the earliest possible. We factor-in your eagerness to return to the comfort of your home against the need you may have to stay in the hospital for observation, treatment and/or a possible contingency. Rest & recuperation can be achieved at home, but in certain cases it is important to have a sterile environment with constant observation for a few days. Prior to returning home you must also have a thorough understanding of the care that must be ensured at home and the subsequent visits you ought to undertake. A pre-discharge checklist provided herein give you a brief snapshot of the things you must consider & complete. Please note, discharge from the hospital is neither the end of treatment cycle nor complete cure, it is an important milestone with a few more before you are fully healthy & well.


Ford Hospital is the largest stand-alone private sector hospital in Patna Bihar.