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Patient Safety

To improve patient safety error has to be prevented, rectified or at least minimized. To ensure the same patient safety devices (For example, grab bars, bed rails, sign posting, safety belts on stretchers and wheel chairs, alarms both visual and auditory where applicable, warning signs like radiation or biohazard, call bells, fire safety devices etc.) are installed across the organization and are inspected periodically. In order to ensure patient safety, Ford Hospital strive implement and achieve below mentioned patient safety goals.

Goals Of Patient Safety

  • Correct Patient Identification
  • Improve Staff communication
  • Medication Safety
  • Surgical Safety
  • Preventing Patient Fall
  • Preventing Pressure Ulcer
  • Safety from Hospital Acquired (Nosocomial Infections)

Safety Methodology

  • We provide a safe and secure environment for patients, their families, staff and visitors.
  • Patient safety and facility safety rounds and improvement measures are taken to ensure the safety of patients
  • Patient safety devices are installed across the organization. E.g: side rails for beds, grab bars; nurses’ call bell, non-slippery floors, caution boards/sign boards, visual and auditory alarms etc.
  • Mock drills are conducted to manage adverse events to ensure patient safety. The staff members are trained well to manage these adverse events
  • Ensures the proper maintenance of medical equipment based on a scheduled plan